Thompson, Tommy

Tommy Thompson

Tommy Thompson


Name: Tommy Thompson

Home Town: Springfield, Ohio

Category: Male Player

Year: 2017

Tommy “Booouupp” Thompson is being inducted into the Ohio USSSA Softball Hall of Fame in the Male Player category.   Having retired relatively recently (2010), this Springfield, Ohio native had an illustrious career spanning 20 years and playing for the most recognizable of teams in the Midwest during that span. Teams like Maroadi Transfer of PA, Jay’s and Watanabe of Cincinnati, Hague and Creative Stucco of Columbus, Northwest Pipe/Bud Light of Michigan, and EWS/Rope Club of Chicago have all benefitted from his immense talent. That talent led to more than 2000 homeruns and close to a .700 batting average along with multiple All-Tournament and MVP awards in appearances in championship play all over the country at the highest levels of play. Tommy Thompson’s trademark “Booouupp” with each smash of the ball became known far and wide and is the stuff of legend in the game…both entertaining to his teammates and frustrating to his opponents…but always done as an expression of the fun he had in this great game.