May 20, 2024


Ohio USSSA Softball offers more about the discovery in sports. I’m used to talking to you mostly about the Red Sox, especially with such an early season, but today I want to talk about softball.

Why the softball? Because I adopted this sport as a result of my adventure in junior baseball and I have never left it since. Like many people who come from baseball, I was far from respecting the sport, it seemed so easy! However, over the years, I made friends, some enemies too, but I had fun and I especially learned to like softball.

Maurice M. Lombardi

Born in Quebec City (Sillery), accomplished sportsman in various sports, hockey, badminton, basketball, but especially softball for over 50 years. He was active as an orthodox ball pitcher and senior fastball player. Maurice also managed La Grosse Machine Jaune de CFLS, a radio promotion team in Lévis, for over 9 years.

Successfully participating in all the province’s high level tournaments, he played in the United States for over 9 years for a Miami club (modified pitch), throwing at 46 feet. He was selected twice at the National on the First All American Team (2 times second team) as best pitcher. After playing with a Boston club, he contributed to their coming to Quebec City, which allowed a first contact with the Quebec teams for future exchanges.

For more than 30 years, Maurice had several throwing schools (orthodox and fast ball) everywhere, in the regions, in Quebec City and Montreal, for both boys and girls. Performance, ethics and respect were at the heart of his courses, they were aimed at all levels, both for participation and for the elite. Still active at 68 years of age, he has been active for the past three years as a pitcher on the South Shore of Montreal (St-Philippe). After a 15-year break, her desire to stay in shape and find herself in a competitive and competitive sports and dating environment was her motivation to get back into her sport.

Rudy K. DavisPartner

Arbitrator from the Mauricie region, in addition to his talent as an arbitrator, Rudy K. Davis has distinguished himself through his work ethic and his teaching. Mentoring for developing referees, he has always shared his passion for refereeing on the local, provincial and national scenes.

After more than 21 years in the officiating world, he obtained his level 5 from Softball Canada in 2001. During his career, he will participate either as an referee or supervisor in several major events such as Canadian and provincial championships as well as the very popular Slo-Pitch Challenge held in the 1990s at the Olympic Stadium. He will act as an referee instructor and will be a member of the Senior Group of the Federation for several years.

During his career, he will be a finalist for the most outstanding referee on the Canadian/international scene in 1999 and 2000 as well as a finalist for the most involved in the development of referees in 2002. In 1999, he was appointed referee who was most involved in the development of major referees and received the Softball Canada Canadian Indicator Award. In 2001, he was named Referee of the Year at Softball Quebec. In addition to his passion for officiating, he is also involved in the development of his region and softball since in 2001, he became interim president of the Mauricie region and will hold this position officially until the end of 2003. In 2012, he joined the “Club du Quart de siècle” of Softball Quebec referees.