May 20, 2024

CBD Could Prevent Cerebral Palsy

Millions of babies around the world suffer problems at birth that can lead to Cerebral Palsy. Nearly one million recover with significant sequelae and another million fail to survive. CBD is proving effective in reducing brain injuries at birth.

The Neonatology Service of the Hospital Clínico San Carlos in Madrid has been researching treatments to prevent the devastating sequelae of severe cerebral hypoxia in newborns for 26 years. In 2002 cannabinoids were included and since 2007 they have been working with CBD as a treatment to prevent Cerebral Palsy.

Many interesting things that we have considered it appropriate to explain it in two installments. He will talk about Cerebral Palsy in newborns, its causes and his team’s research with CBD.

What is Cerebral Palsy?

“Cerebral palsy is mainly a motor alteration, which makes it difficult or sometimes completely prevents these children from moving independently. It can hinder language, sight or hearing. Depending on the degree of affectation, these children will have problems to have an autonomous and full life”, says Dr. Martinez. The disability caused by Cerebral Palsy has consequences that “not only affect the children but also their parents and family”.

“It is estimated that in the United States each child with Cerebral Palsy can represent a cost of more than one million dollars over the course of his or her lifetime, if we count health care costs and the loss of job opportunities for them and their families”.

What can cause Cerebral Palsy?

“There can be different causes: lack of oxygen during childbirth, cerebral hemorrhages and/or heart attacks in premature babies.”

The medicinal properties of CBD have been widely known for years. Since first determined the molecular structure of THC and CBD in the 1960s, many scientific studies have been able to demonstrate the anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anticonvulsant and anxiolytic properties of CBD. What is really new is its application in newborn babies.

How many babies are participating in the study?

Eight babies from different hospitals are participating in this multicenter study at European level: “6 hospitals in the United Kingdom, 3 in Spain (Madrid, Barcelona and Burgos) and 1 in Poland”.

Finding a way to administer CBD to a newborn. How can you give CBD to a baby?

“We work with pure CBD powder. Initially we acquired it from a chemical company, later it was provided to us by GW Pharma. We administer it intravenously, so we had to design a special formulation that made CBD soluble in water, serum, and, of course, blood. That was one of the arts of the job, to get that formulation that would allow intravenous use. We used a dose of between 1 and 5 mg/kg, in single doses.”

How do parents react when asked for authorization?

“So far we have not had any reluctance from parents. We always insist that it is a safe treatment with no psychostimulant effects and that we ourselves have tested its experimental effects and we know that it is safe and effective.”

In the next issue, will talk to us about the results obtained in the research and the difficulties encountered when working with cannabinoids. He also tells us how he sees the future of CBD: “The path of CBD to become a medicine is already unstoppable”.

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